Welcome to FlipThoseBooks.com a website about selling books with Amazon FBA.

My name is Steve Rajeckas, and I’ve been selling books using Amazon’s fulfillment service for more than two years now. 


Steve Rajeckas

I’ve generated over $172,000 in sales in those two years, and inevitably learned a lot about the Amazon bookselling business along the way.

My first two years of Amazon FBA sales

Why did I make this website? Simple… I want to help you.

If you’re new to Amazon FBA, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your business up and running. I want to set you on the right path, so you can avoid the mistakes I made when I first started. 

If you’re an experienced seller, I want to make your business as robust and profitable as possible. I want to help you maximize your time spent sourcing, listing, and repricing… so you can spend less time working on your business and more time doing the things you love.

On that note, you’ll find posts about every aspect of selling books with Amazon FBA on this site:

  • Sourcing.
  • Listing.
  • Repricing.
  • Automating monotonous tasks.
  • Useful software tools.
  • Maintaining a high feedback score.
  • Adapting to new Amazon policies.
  • And anything else I can think of.

Now, I should note that this website is not the end-all be-all of Amazon bookselling knowledge. It’s a reflection of my knowledge at the time of my writing any particular article.

There may be better ways to do the things I write about here I’m just sharing what’s worked for me. I’m constantly learning new things about this business, and it’s likely my opinions on some matters will change as I acquire more knowledge. If I do learn something new, I’ll be sure to edit any relevant articles to reflect that information.

So thanks for dropping in. Let’s go make some money, eh?