Why Every Amazon Seller Needs Feedback Automation Software

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Maintaining a great feedback rating is one of the most important pieces of the Amazon puzzle. Even a single negative feedback can be harmful on multiple fronts:

  • You’re less likely to win the Buy Box, resulting in missed sales and less profit.
  • People browsing offers are less likely to buy from you over sellers with better feedback.
  • You’re more likely to get your selling privileges revoked, which is catastrophic to an FBA business. 

Unfortunately, negative feedback can hit even the most careful sellers. This is especially true for sellers who deal primarily in used books, because a few missed defects can mean 1-star ratings permanently marring your Amazon reputation.

If you want to be a proactive seller, you should operate under the assumption that negative feedback is inevitable. You should be doing everything you can to make negative feedback a minor inconvenience instead of an enormous problem.

This all starts with using feedback automation software. There are three solid reasons you should be using feedback automation software:

  • You can nullify negative feedback.
  • You can intercept negative feedback before the customer leaves it.
  • It makes it easier to get negative feedback removed.

You can nullify negative feedback

The best way to mitigate the impact of negative feedback is to actively reach out to customers and ask them to leave feedback. Most of your customers are going to be more than happy with their book. They would happily leave you a perfect 5-star rating, but they’ll only do it if you ask them. 

The more feedback ratings you have, the less any single feedback will affect your overall percentage.

The impact of this is best shown via example. Imagine two different sellers, Jon and Joe. Both have a 100% feedback rating.

Jon has been reaching out to every customer and asking them to leave feedback. As a result, he has gathered an impressive 50 positive feedback ratings.

Joe hasn’t been asking customers for feedback. As a result, he only has 6 positive feedback ratings.

Each seller then gets 2 negative ratings in quick succession.

For Jon and his 50 feedback ratings, the effect is almost non-existent.

  • Jon’s 100% rating decreases slightly to 96%, which is still superb. Prospective customers browsing the available offers won’t think twice about buying from him.
  • He will remain highly competitive in the Buy Box competition.
  • His account is nowhere near in danger of suspension, and it will take many more negative ratings before that becomes a possibility.
  • Because he is using an automated feedback outreach tool, his 96% rating will likely rise as he accrues positive feedback from his satisfied customers.

For Joe and his 6 feedback ratings, the effect is catastrophic.

  • Joe’s 100% rating plummets to 75%, which will make many prospective buyers think twice about purchasing from him.
  • He is almost certainly not eligible for the Buy Box.
  • One more negative rating will put his selling privileges into jeopardy.
  • Because Joe is not using an automated feedback outreach tool, his rating is not likely to rise all that much. Even if 100% of his customers are happy with their transactions, they won’t leave positive feedback because Joe won’t have asked them for it. 

This alone would be reason enough to use feedback outreach software. But obtaining feedback is far from the only benefit it offers. 

You can intercept negative feedback before a customer leaves it

Using software to send carefully timed emails to customers also allows you to intercept negative feedback before it irrevocably mars your account. By reaching out to customers and asking them to message you with any problems, you give the customer a convenient outlet to vent their frustration.

The angry message that would have been left as negative feedback is instead entered as a response to your email. You can then defuse the situation with a sincere apology and a quick refund.

These benefits on their own make feedback software worth it. But there is a third reason.

You have a better chance of getting negative feedback removed.

When you receive a negative rating, you have a small window of time in which to convince the customer to remove the feedback whilst the matter is still fresh on their minds. That requires you to be instantly notified of the negative feedback.

Fortunately, a quality feedback outreach solution will send you a text message the moment negative feedback is left. This will allow you to send the unhappy customer a message, and possibly a refund, mere moments after they left their feedback. They will be impressed at the professionalism of the near-instant response, and there’s a decent chance they will edit the feedback to reflect this, if not remove it entirely.

In short, an automated feedback outreach tool is essential for anyone serious about making money on Amazon.

  • It enables you to build a surplus of positive feedback, which improves your Buy Box viability and greatly diminished the impact of the occasional negative rating.
  • It allows you to deflect negative feedback by directing frustrated customers to your message inbox.
  • It allows for instant notification of negative feedback ratings, which gives you a decent shot of getting them altered or removed.


If you’d like to add automated feedback software to your Amazon software arsenal, I suggest FeedbackExpress. It’s the software I’ve used for almost a year now, and it’s probably the easiest software tool I’ve worked with.

  • It’s boosted my feedback from 92% to 99%.
  • It’s fortified my account with an enormous surplus of positive feedback, which basically guarantees my feedback will be in the high-90s for the remainder of my Amazon career. 
  • Their customer support is responsive and helpful.
  • Their email design templates are suuuper customizable and easy to use. You don’t need any technical experience to craft a good email. 
  • They have pre-made templates you can use if you don’t want to write your own. 
  • It notifies me instantly via text message whenever I receive negative feedback, which allows me to deal with the issue ASAP.

Start your free 14-day trial of FeedbackExpress today! 



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